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FM Nexus enables hundreds of organizations who rely on FileMaker Pro to stay connected to what they do best. Our products and services help you gather data across the Web, manage data security, improve developer productivity, and make Web Services easier to implement. Whatever you need to stay focused on what you do best, we aim to connect you with the right solution.

Vincenzo Menanno, President, FM.Nexus -- Where all your data comes together.   

Inspector is the leading developer tool for diagnosing, documenting, and debugging your FileMaker solutions. This popular tool now comes completely unlocked! Explore.
Interact with hundreds of possible Web Services providers directly through FileMaker. Use your favorite WSDL, and avoid messing with XML, PHP, etc. Explore.
Gather feedback, collect survey data, find out important information quickly and easily. Now optimized for iPhone. Available completely unlocked and ready to integrate. Explore
Simple, centralized account management for FileMaker administrators. Redesigned from the ground up - the ultimate tool for the FileMaker Database administrator. Free for up to 7 users! Explore.